Soyummi proudly produces only great tasting, nutritious and authentically natural foods made with organic ingredients.
Our Philosophy
As a mother, I always made healthy, fresh, tasty meals from natural ingredients. Soyummi grew out of my determination to create these nutritious and delicious recipes for my family... and now yours. At Soyummi we are committed to protecting the natural balance of vitamins and minerals in our products, so they never have to be artificially enriched.

Organic. Simple. Naturally crafted. No additives. And always great tasting. Enjoy!

Joanne Hollander — Founder

We believe that food can be both great tasting and healthy.

All natural and organic ingredients are not only healthier, they taste better too. Natural and organic ingredients have a richer fuller taste and provide all the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need. They do not require additives and are free of all chemicals and pesticides.

At Soyummi we make minimally processed products, which preserve the natural benefits of food to create healthy and great tasting snacks.

Most packaged foods today are cooked at high temperatures, causing natural vitamins and minerals to become denatured. This is done in order to secure an unnaturally long shelf life. While at Soyummi we recognize the need for a dependable shelf life, we believe that it must not come at the expense of nutritional value. With minimal processing, we are able to attain a healthy shelf life while preserving the natural vitamins and minerals found within our products. Left in their natural whole state, our ingredients do not need to be supplemented with extra vitamins and minerals. Rather, nature supplies just what we need, and in a form that we can best use.

Learn more about how our philosophy drives our choice of ingredients under the Nutrition tab.

Our Philosophy
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