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August 17, 2011 by Melissa Montovani

Dark Chocolate & Tapioca Fruit ParfaitLast week, Heather from reviewed both the Soyummi Dark Chocolate and Tapioca Puddings on her blog. You may have seen our enthusiastic response about what she said earlier this week in our news feed. However, what you may not know if you didn’t click on through to her review is that she came up with a simple, delicious and show-stopping dessert recipe made with our puddings that tempted us and will probably tempt you, too!

With Heather’s permission, we’re reprinting the recipe for this mouthwatering, but healthy dessert for one person below. However, if company is coming or you have a hungry family, keep in mind that it’s easy to double, triple, or even quadruple this recipe. (They won’t even suspect that it’s good for them!)

Serves 1

1 Soyummi® Dark Chocolate Pudding cup

1 Soyummi® Tapioca Pudding cup

1 handful of raspberries (or your favorite fruit)

Take the Tapioca Pudding cup, and spoon half of it into a wine glass or champagne flute. Layer half of the Dark Chocolate Pudding cup on top of the Tapioca. Alternate until you have emptied both cups. Cover the top with fruit and serve immediately, or put it back into the fridge till your ready to eat.

Are you tempted as much as we are to taste test this healthy dessert? Do you have any other favorite Soyummi Pudding parfait ideas? We’d love to hear what other no-cook experiments you’ve come up with featuring our products!

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Joanne Hollander is the founder of Soyummi Foods and a food expert, who still loves to spend time experimenting in her kitchen. A strong proponent of healthy and natural eating, Joanne shares suggestions, observations and a few anecdotes about food and eating today.

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