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June 8, 2015 by Melissa Montovani

Soyummi Foods Wants To Thank You 115+ Times Over!

If we didn‘t already know that our fans love us, we certainly do now! I woke up recently to find that, over night, a new fan of the Soyummi Foods‘ Facebook page had liked tons of the links and images that we posted there. Although she obviously speaks English, she is from a German-speaking country and saw COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies when it aired on Food Factory in that market. Any type of user engagement with our brands is greatly appreciated, so if it would have been a good story if it ended there. I know that my boss would have chalked it up as a win for the company as a whole and my work, but of course, a great story is never that simple.

In fact, the moment where I first woke up was a little more exciting than I first mentioned. You see it wasn‘t just one person who liked our page while everyone at Soyummi was sleeping in Canada. By the time I‘d woken up, there were about 30 new likes on the page, all from people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who speak German. Some of them also liked a bunch of the content that we had posted on the Facebook page over the last few months. Previously, our page likes and other social media profiles had grown more slowly, so the first thing I did when my workday began was to email my boss about the good news and then set about taking care of a lot of behind the scenes work.

It wasn‘t until a few hours later when I had the chance to check out our Facebook page again that I noticed something incredible — since the time I‘d last looked in the morning, our Facebook page had grown by another 47 likes. And it didn‘t stop there. By the next day, we‘d had an increase of 109 likes in total and while the growth has slowed to more normal rates now, we‘re now at 115 more likes than we had before this whole thing started, or 563 likes on the Soyummi page in total.

Everyone at Soyummi is excited about the growth we‘ve had of late and we hope that our new fans and you head over to our COGO Facebook page to give it a like if you haven‘t already. In the meantime, however, we just want to say how much we appreciate the support of each of these 115 new Soyummi Foods‘ fans. You‘re truly outrageous and we‘re so glad we have you in our corner!

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Joanne Hollander is the founder of Soyummi Foods and a food expert, who still loves to spend time experimenting in her kitchen. A strong proponent of healthy and natural eating, Joanne shares suggestions, observations and a few anecdotes about food and eating today.

Soyummi Foods Wants To Thank You 115+ Times Over!

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