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February 14, 2013 by Melissa Montovani

Spark Up Some Romance with these Gluten-Free, Valentine's Day Meal IdeasIf your significant other is one of the 1 in 133 Americans with celiac disease, then you definitely know about it. That said, if you aren’t a chef (and possibly even if you are) creating a special evening meal to wow your gluten-free valentine this year might seem like an overwhelming task. You might even be asking yourself what foods are gluten free? Even though I work at a company that makes gluten-free products and had a lot of information at my fingertips about the diet, I had to take a breather myself to figure out what was safe for me to eat when I realized that I needed to start on the gfree diet, and it was only myself that I’d make sick if I messed up. So I know how you feel, but I also know that with some careful planning, it’s easy to make February 14th a night to remember with some simple gluten-free meal ideas.

Before you start planning the menu or looking through the following gluten-free recipes for the perfect courses, keep a few things in mind. First, you don’t want an overly heavy meal, no matter how impressive you may seem, because falling asleep right after the meal is far from romantic. Second, whatever you do, make sure that you don’t mistakenly prepare something that your date doesn’t like to eat because no matter how much you love the offending fruit, veggie, grain, or other food item, you probably won’t convince him or her of it’s value over dinner. You may even find them pushing around the food you lovingly prepared on their plates rather than eating it, or worse yet, you might start an argument instead of spark up some romance. Word of advice — ask your date if there is anything, other than gluten, that he or she can’t eat or doesn’t like eating. Not only will you learn more about him or her, but also you’ll show how much you care before you even break out the pots and pans.

Now that we’ve got the pesky dos and don’ts out of the way, it’s time for some gluten-free options to take Valentine’s Day from ho hum to simply romantic.



  • Raw Beet Ravioli with Cashew Cheese
  • Fennel and Apple Flatbread Pizza
  • Kalamata Olive and Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables
  • Lentil and Greens Casserole with Millet-Amaranth Crust
  • Brazilian Rice and Beans
  • Chipotle Polenta Cakes with Beans, Salsa Fresca and Avocado Crema
  • Sides:


    Mix and match any combination of these delicious recipes tonight, then let us know whether you and your date loved them!

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