Soyummi proudly produces only great tasting, nutritious and authentically natural foods made with organic ingredients.
Healthy Ingredients
You are what you eat

We at Soyummi believe in a few core principles when we create our products:

Organic Ingredients - Wherever possible we use 100% certified organic ingredients. Organic ingredients, like our soybeans, mean no pesticides, chemicals or other non-natural substances were used in the growing and processing of that ingredient.

Non-GMO - We never use ingredients containing genetically modified organisms.

Naturally Sweetened - All our products are naturally sweetened. We don't use high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugar or any chemical / artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners are slower burning than traditional sugar and therefore do not cause a sharp corresponding rise and fall in blood sugar levels.

Fewer Ingredients - We believe in keeping food simple. We only use the minimum number of ingredients to create a healthy great tasting food.

No UHT - We do not sterilize our products by cooking them at ultra-high temperatures, in fact we try to minimally process our food to retain its natural properties. Most processed food is cooked at high temperatures to extend its shelf life, however in doing so many vitamins and minerals are rendered inert and lose many of their natural benefits. By keeping processing to a minimum, we are able to produce nutritional food that retains the benefits of its ingredients.

Nothing Added - We do not believe in adding vitamins and minerals to food beyond what is naturally present. Healthy organic ingredients that do not have their natural benefits removed through processing are the best source of vitamins and minerals.

Nothing Artificial - None of our products contain artificial colors , sweeteners, flavors, or any other type of non-natural artificial ingredients.

Healthy Ingredients
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